Published 25.01.2022

Baa! Happy New Year my friend! This time a bit different WoolTalks video, introducing to you the concept of the Business Poems. So I let Anne tell you more what is this about? As as Story Designer I use my creative skills to improve the business of my clients. I have a special talent for really taking story as tool to improve the business, turn customer experience into engaging story experience.

I love doing that, making story do the work for my client´s business. Whole method of storification, I have created, is done for business purposeses, to help you drive in this era of big chages.

But for doing this now for over 10 years, I felt that I really needed to find some ways to have some freeflow, to use my creativity in a very fun way. Just for myself, and obviously, because you are reading this maybe for others, too.

This is why I one day came up with this concept of Business Poems. In poetry they nowadays do every kind of interesting experiments, for example use google to create random sentences.I have always been big fan of dadaism, the randomness and rebelness of it.

When all the rules go out of the window, creativity is the only thing calling the shots. So one day I asked myself, what would this thing, business poem be like?

I decided to try to write dadaistic poems from the business books I have found to be my favorites. And this is what happened. I´d like to see these poems as something I do the honor and show respect for the writers for their great work. Hopefully they see it the same way, and if they ever happen to read these don´t get anry at me. I just love to have some fun, with their great stuff, and sentences. And maybe this is is my odd way of saying, hey you, read this book, if you already haven´t! So this first one goes out to Seth Godin, and his book We are all Weird – little but very special book by Seth Godin seem to be the good one to start with!


Any rules for writing business poems? Well, yes there is. Because when all the rules are out of the window, you need a rule, oksymoron at it´s best. Rules are you should use only phrases / sentecens exaclty the way they are written in a book, not to add any of your own. But you can use one sentence many times. One poem is from only one book, I don´t mix books together. You can do your own business poem as well and publish it under the #businesspoems. What else? Let’s go poems!

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