You can order keynotes, speeches, and workshops from Storysheep. 

Our most famous Story Workshops are Story Tree and Story Path Workshops, of which you can find more detailed information here.

We have done trainings for many different sectors and areas of business, also museums, the third sector, and even the Finnish public sector. 

You can order Anne’s keynotes and workshops from Cool N Talk.

Story Tree Workshops 

Stand out with story experience!
Define your core story with the Story Tree Method

Story Designer Anne Kalliomäki has done extensive training in the field of storification in Finland and is known for igniting story sparks!

The Story Workshop uses the Story Tree method developed by Anne Kalliomäki. Story Tree is a simple approach for discovering the essence and the core of a company, concept, or project. The method helps us to define the unique story elements of the experience we offer. What is the storyline that will merge the customer experience into one common theme? A theme which will grow into a full story and keep sprouting new shoots in all the services we provide? 

Here is the program of the day for Story Tree Workshops. This workshop is offered both as a half-day and full-day version. Please ask for more details. We are happy to help you in finding the right version for your needs. These workshops work very well whether they are organized live or with Zoom.

  • What does storification mean? What are the benefits of storification for your business? 
  • The process of storification and real-life examples of story experiences
  • Defining the story elements of your company with Story Tree method 
  • The fruits of the Story Tree and “plunging into the role of the customer”
  • Creating the first versions of core stories and “sharing around the campfire” 

Anne has been praised especially for her participatory, hands-on methods and the inspiring and creative new kind of perspective that storytelling provides for the development of corporate customer experiences. Today, Anne is also the coach of Visit Finland Academy.

”As a part of our international cultural tourism project, we had a one-day storification workshop with Anne. It was a well-structured and easy to follow session. We enjoyed the real-life case examples and the straightforward Storytree method as a tool to work with. Stories matter, folks! Let Anne help you define yours.”

Malla Alatalo, Arts Development Manager 
Arts Promotion Centre Finland | Office of Rovaniemi

Story Path Workshops

Stand out with story experience!
Engage your customers with Story Paths 

In Story Path Workshops, we concentrate on turning the customer journey into an engaging 

story: a story that can be seen, felt, heard, smelled, and tasted by our customers. In this workshop we use Story Path – a tool created by Anne Kalliomäki. The Story Path tool utilizes the cinematic method of dramatic arc to create engaging customer journeys. 

  • Introduction – customer journey into an engaging story path? 
  • Examples of storified service experiences (tailored to participants)
  • Service Story Tree – how to use the Service Story Tree?
  • Service Story Path – turning the customer journey into an engaging story
  • Sharing with others – how to get practical with your storification plans?

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