Baaaa! I am a very soft and fictional boss, Storysheep. With my existence, I remind you of the change we are leading in your story and your organization.

I encourage you to jump from the rush to the world of storification, where everyone can stand out with their story wool.

You may meet me on the Story Media’s social media channels, leaping for joy, sometimes annoyed, and, if necessary, I also give a kick. You can meet me in story workshops, and I always travel with Anne for gigs.

As a boss, I remind you that in storification, we make the red thread, or story, a boss that leads our company’s operations and everyday choices. When we lead through a story, we build a story experience for our customers.

So, the story is the boss of your business when you use the story as a tool to design engaging customer experience.

As the world around us digitalizes, we need softness. We need the power of different senses. Therefore, in storification, we focus on creating a story that can be experienced by the customer with all different senses. This softness, humanity, is reminiscent of these soft wools of mine!

I also have a soul of a little black sheep – this is my rebel side. You also need the same for your company and organization when you start storification. Do your own thing, stand out with personal service! Be rebellious, jump off your old way of doing things, be the one who does it differently. Follow your path. Play your own game, as they say. Dare to be annoying sometimes, it is not so serious!

We sheep are sometimes bullied a bit, they are saying things like, don’t be a sheep! Be a lion! In the same way, stories and emotions in business have been discriminated against, their power underestimated. Don’t underestimate the soft means, they may look hilarious and funny fluffy, but they are that real diamond in making a profit for your business. The world now operates under different rules. Business should also be entertaining!

I invite you to a journey where together we make the world softer, more humane, and more meaningful. We build sustainable marketing where we focus on building one strong core story for your business. We don´t jump after distinctive marketing communications campaigns and quick wins. We build a story experience that lives and evolves over time on the same core story.

I have summoned up my message to you in these 3 phrases:

Stop sameness! Create an engaging story experience. 
Be wild and woolly! Choose your own path.
Start creating story experiences. Get some storywool!

 Care for some
‘once upon a time’?

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