Storysheep (Tarinakone in Finnish) is a Finnish story design agency founded in 2008 by Anne Kalliomäki. Story designer and trainer Anne has extensive and versatile experience in story-driven service design, storification. She is the pioneer of storification in Finland.

The story driven design process uses narrative structures to tie together the various elements of your service. Stories create emotions, and emotions yield results.Anne’s book on storification (Tarinallistaminen) was published in Finland in 2014. Next year, it received the Silver Award from the Finnish Association of Marketing, Technology, and Creativity (MTL) in the Best Book on Communication and Marketing category.

Storysheep uses storification to create a world, where experiences matter more than owning a lot of stuff. We want to help companies and organizations to build human, meaningful, engaging customer experiences. By storification, a customer experience can be turned into a distinctive story experience.

Storysheep is a politically and religiously non-aligned company. CEO, Story Designer, and trainer Anne Kalliomäki is the owner and founder of Storysheep (Tarinakone Oy in Finnish).

The Storysheep timeline:

Anne, who left behind the television and film industry, gets an idea for the storification method. She wants to bring the story-driven design process to companies. Storysheep (in Finnish, Tarinakone) is established in Jyväskylä on June 28, 2008.

The company moves to Crazy Town in Jyväskylä and starts cooperating with service designers. The method of storification begins to evolve into its current form.

Anne and Juha Ruuska’s article on storification is published in a turquoise book on service design by Satu Miettinen.

Storysheep’s first international training gig in Tallinn. Anne takes part in creating Landscape’s story book and making service design related work cards.

Storysheep moves to Tampere and consolidates its position in the field of tourism. Agreement with publisher for the book of storification is created!

Customers include Crazy Reindeer, Santa’s Office and Snowman World.

Anne’s book Storification – The Red Thread of Service Experience is published.

The book is awarded with the Silver Feather Price in Finland. Additional story staging services are being developed with a corporate partner, but in the end, the direction is not right.

A year of change. The operation of the Storysheep now focuses on training, i.e. Story workshops, and also on Story Starts, i.e. the core stories of companies. Anne joins the coaches of Visit Finland Academy!

Changes feel good, feel lighter! The vision is clear again. We now also train public administration, and bigger organizations. Training activities are expanding. We form new partnerships.

Storysheep, the pioneer of storification, turns 10! We get into the Accelerator at Mediapolis Tampere. We are developing internationalization and the digitalization of our educational services together with other innovative startup companies.

We are preparing to start an English-language digital business, in the form of the first online course. We open our own You Tube channel under name Anne Kalliomäki. We are now also training the people of the ministry. Story Start customers come to us from a wide variety of business fields.

Now we have hundreds of trainings, and a hundred completed core stories under our belt! We are looking forward to internationalization to materialize in the form of the first online courses in English.

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