In Story Starts, we help you to find the core story of your company or organization. We also show how you can start using the story to create a story experience for your customers. 

     The old means are not enough. New ones are needed. We have to jump from one pasture to another. There is a lot of talk in business about the power of a story, but mainly from the storytelling perspective. Of course, it is still important. But besides that, your company should provide customers with more memorable, inspiring, and meaningful experiences. Instead of marketing communications, it’s time to stand out with the service, make the service a story experience!

How does Story Start work

Together, we use the Story Tree method to identify the true story elements of your company. We create a core story and storification that are in line with your company’s  operations. This allows you to operate both within the company and with customers in a story-driven way.

You will also be able to tell partners and various stakeholders what kind of a story experience you are building for your customer. This way the partners can better support the storification of your business. When there is one strong red thread on which the entire company’s operations, communications, marketing, sales, productization, and service design operations are built, it is easier to lead and make everyday choices in the operations of the company or organization.

With the help from us, you will turn your customers’ traditional service path into a story path that inspires and engages your customers to experience, participate, and consume your company’s products and services.

The Story Start includes facilitation of the Story Tree Workshop and the core story with correction rounds (if not the light version of the start).

The process begins with an electronic survey. This will be followed by a 3-hour story workshop in the client company’s service environment (or online using Zoom or Teams with the Story Designer).

The workshop reviews the company’s core business, products, services, and customers. The workshop is usually attended by 3 to 15 key people in the company. The amount depends a lot on the size and the needs of the company.

It is also good to involve the company’s employees and customers in the process. This can be done before or after the first version of the core story is written. Among other things, we are happy to tell you more about the Open Story method, which we have successfully used in projects to involve employees and customers and to collect qualitative data.

At the end of the Story Tree process, we will have a common insight into the most important existing and possible new elements of the core story, the common red thread.

From these materials, we will write for you the first version of the core story that guides the storification of the company’s operations. In the offer, we can also include the necessary comment rounds for the core story. The length of the core story will be one A4 sheet.

You can use this core story to transform your customer experience into an engaging story experience!

Story Start can then continue with the guidelines of storification in practice: how you can apply the story elements for your service environment, both digital and physical Story Stages. And how can you storify your customer journeys and start tuning your marketing communication and selling in story designed way.

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