We have been working together with leading service designers in Finland to create the method of storification. It entails developing a company’s service process and their business as a whole into an engaging story. It is a form of strategic design that uses the core story as a tool to improve the quality of customer experience. The story is used at all levels of business, both in the digital and physical service environments, at all different stages of the service process and in marketing communications.

Services alone are not enough. Our customers want holistic experiences, humanity, and meaning. More fun and engaging service experiences. It is time to transform customer experience into story experience.

Why use storification?

  • Story design helps you to develop and commercialize your products.
  • A story gives the service causal relations and a stronger structure and contributes towards your marketing and service development strategies.
  • Story design fortifies your company’s brand. This will increase your attraction and customer loyalty.
  • Your company and service will become more recognizable due to your story.
  • Story-designed services are more memorable, and they generate more recommendations.
  • Story design will enhance your sales process and help you to reach your target audience.
  • Story design makes your business more easily recognizable and distinct from other companies and services.
  • A story identity amplifies the strengths of your company and brings out your authenticity.
  • A story creates a phenomenon and helps you to find your tribe. A tribe is a group of people that share your company’s values.

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