Refinery of Sustainable Cultural Tourism Products in the Northern Dimension Area. The project had participants from the field of tourism and creative industry to develop sustainable cultural tourism products and services from Finland, Sweden, Norway, Russia, Lithuania and Germany. 

Storysheep organized the Story Tree workshop for the project in Helsinki, 2019. We had the introduction for storification, examples of storification in tourism and then we continued with StoryTree-method finding out the right story elements for our company or project. 

“Despite the limited timing, we managed a lot and even had a chance to get feedback.”

“Storification is a good tool to have for future work projects.”

”I’m very grateful that I was invited to the event. The organisation (logistics, accommodation, venue, the workshop, the group) was great!​”

”As part of our international cultural tourism project we had a one-day storification workshop with Anne. It was a well-structured and easy to follow session. 

We enjoyed the real-life case examples and the straightforward story tree method as a tool to work with. Stories matter, folks! Let Anne help you define yours.”

Malla Alatalo, Arts Development Manager, Arts Promotion Centre Finland | Office of Rovaniemi

Every end is a new beginning.
Care for some ‘once upon a time’?

 Care for some
‘once upon a time’?

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