Care for some Once Upon a Time?

It’s the company’s very soft and very fictional boss Story Sheep here. Welcome to read and watch my storywools. I publish three different wools here every month. 

WoolTakeslittle claims about storification that Storysheep wants to make straight. 

WoolTimes – something interesting and related to business storytelling / storification.

WoolTalks monologues and dialogues about storification and story-driven design processes. 

Stay Woolish, my friend! 

The importance of senses for your business? I WoolTimes 1
Published 27.01.2021

Baa! It´s all about senses. Enjoy our first ever WoolTimes. This blog is updated by the fictional and very woolish boss Storysheep. You can follow Storysheep and Anne on Instagram and Facebook. You are also warmly welcome to connect with Anne on LinkedIn. Download the free storification guide here and join our mailing list for […]

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